Cuál es la cadena hotelera más grande de México

What is the Largest Hotel Chain in Mexico

When it comes to the hospitality industry in Mexico, Grupo Posadas stands out as one of the largest hotel chains in the country. Founded in 1967 by Gaston Azcarraga Tamayo, Grupo Posadas has a strong presence in popular tourist destinations like Cancun, Mexico City, and Los Cabos, solidifying its position as a leading force in the Mexican hospitality industry.

History of Grupo Posadas

Grupo Posadas was established in 1967 and initially focused on developing and operating hotels in Mexico City. Over the years, the company has expanded its reach to include properties in various cities and tourist destinations across Mexico. The growth and success of Grupo Posadas can be attributed to its commitment to providing exceptional hospitality services and experiences to guests.

Expansion and Growth

  • Grupo Posadas has steadily expanded its portfolio of hotels and resorts, acquiring new properties and entering into strategic partnerships to enhance its presence in key markets.
  • The company’s innovative approach to hospitality and strong leadership have played a significant role in its growth and success over the years.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Grupo Posadas places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, ensuring that guests receive top-notch service and amenities during their stay.
  • The company’s dedication to meeting the needs and expectations of travelers has helped establish its reputation as a preferred choice for accommodation in Mexico.

Industry Leadership

  • Grupo Posadas has set itself apart as an industry leader in Mexico, continuously setting new standards for quality and excellence in the hospitality sector.
  • The company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability has further solidified its position as a leading hotel chain in the country.

Portfolio of Hotels

Grupo Posadas boasts a diverse portfolio of hotel brands that cater to a wide range of travelers and budgets. Some of the most popular brands under the Grupo Posadas umbrella include:

  • Live Aqua: A luxury brand offering upscale accommodations and amenities for discerning travelers.
  • Fiesta Americana: A well-known brand that provides a blend of comfort, convenience, and quality service for guests.
  • Fiesta Inn: Catering to business and leisure travelers, this brand offers modern accommodations and convenient amenities.
  • The Explorean: An eco-friendly brand that focuses on sustainability and immersive experiences in nature.
  • Grand Fiesta Americana: A premium brand known for its luxurious accommodations, world-class dining options, and exceptional service.

Unique Experiences

  • Each of Grupo Posadas’ hotel brands offers a distinct experience for guests, with amenities and services tailored to different preferences and travel styles.
  • From luxury resorts to budget-friendly options, Grupo Posadas caters to a diverse range of travelers, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Exceptional Service

  • Grupo Posadas prides itself on providing exceptional service and personalized experiences to guests, creating memorable stays and building long-lasting relationships with customers.
  • The company’s commitment to exceeding guest expectations and delivering unparalleled hospitality sets it apart in the competitive hotel industry.

Ongoing Innovation

  • Grupo Posadas continues to innovate and evolve its hotel brands to meet the changing needs and preferences of travelers, staying ahead of industry trends and delivering cutting-edge experiences.
  • By investing in new technologies and amenities, Grupo Posadas ensures that guests enjoy modern comforts and conveniences during their stay.

Sustainable Practices

In addition to offering top-notch hospitality services, Grupo Posadas is dedicated to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. The company has implemented a range of initiatives to minimize its environmental impact and promote sustainability, including:

  • Energy Conservation: Grupo Posadas has implemented energy-efficient practices to reduce its carbon footprint and lower energy consumption across its properties.
  • Water Conservation: The company has implemented water-saving measures and technologies to minimize water usage and promote conservation efforts.
  • Waste Reduction: Grupo Posadas has implemented waste management programs to reduce waste generation and promote recycling and responsible disposal practices.
  • Community Engagement: The company actively engages with local communities to support social responsibility initiatives, promote education and cultural preservation, and give back to the community.

Environmental Stewardship

  • Grupo Posadas is committed to being a responsible steward of the environment, actively seeking ways to minimize its environmental impact and contribute to conservation efforts.
  • The company’s sustainable practices and initiatives demonstrate its dedication to preserving natural resources and creating a positive impact on the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Grupo Posadas’ commitment to social responsibility extends beyond environmental initiatives, encompassing community engagement, philanthropy, and ethical business practices.
  • The company’s efforts to give back to the community and support local causes reflect its values and commitment to making a difference in the places where it operates.

Green Certifications

  • Grupo Posadas has earned various green certifications and awards for its sustainability practices, including recognition from the World Travel Awards and the Green Key Eco-Rating Program.
  • The company’s dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainable tourism practices has been acknowledged and celebrated by industry organizations and stakeholders.

Awards and Recognition

Grupo Posadas has received numerous awards and accolades for its excellence in the hospitality industry. The company’s commitment to quality, customer service, and sustainability practices has been recognized by prestigious organizations, including:

  • World Travel Awards: Grupo Posadas has been honored with multiple awards from the World Travel Awards for its outstanding contributions to the travel and tourism industry.
  • Green Key Eco-Rating Program: The company has been recognized by the Green Key Eco-Rating Program for its commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.
  • Industry Recognition: Grupo Posadas’ hotels and resorts have received industry recognition and accolades for their exceptional service, amenities, and guest experiences.

Reputation for Excellence

  • Grupo Posadas’ reputation for excellence in the hospitality industry is reflected in the awards and recognition it has received from industry leaders and experts.
  • The company’s dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has earned it a prominent place among the top hotel chains in Mexico.

Commitment to Quality

  • Grupo Posadas maintains a strong commitment to delivering high-quality service and experiences to guests, upholding the highest standards of hospitality and professionalism.
  • The company’s focus on continuous improvement and guest satisfaction has earned it a reputation for excellence and reliability in the competitive hotel market.

Industry Leadership

  • Grupo Posadas’ leadership in the hospitality industry is evident in its innovative approach to hotel management, sustainable practices, and customer-centric philosophy.
  • The company’s ability to adapt to changing market trends and customer preferences has positioned it as a frontrunner in the Mexican hotel industry.


In conclusion, Grupo Posadas stands out as the largest hotel chain in Mexico, offering a diverse portfolio of hotels and resorts that cater to a wide range of travelers. With a strong commitment to sustainability, exceptional service, and industry leadership, Grupo Posadas has established itself as a top choice for travelers seeking a memorable and comfortable stay in Mexico. Whether you’re looking for a luxury resort experience, a budget-friendly option, or an eco-conscious getaway, Grupo Posadas has something for everyone.

Please note that this article is for informational purposes only and is not sponsored or endorsed by Grupo Posadas.


  1. What is Grupo Posadas?

Grupo Posadas is one of the largest hotel chains in Mexico, founded in 1967 by Gaston Azcarraga Tamayo. They operate a diverse portfolio of hotels and resorts catering to different types of travelers.

  1. What are some of the hotel brands under Grupo Posadas?

Some of the well-known brands under Grupo Posadas include Live Aqua, Fiesta Americana, Fiesta Inn, The Explorean, and Grand Fiesta Americana.

  1. Does Grupo Posadas focus on sustainable practices?

Yes, Grupo Posadas is committed to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. They have implemented initiatives for energy and water conservation, waste reduction, and community engagement.

  1. Has Grupo Posadas received any awards and recognition?

Yes, Grupo Posadas has received numerous awards and accolades for its excellence in the hospitality industry. They have been recognized for quality, customer service, and sustainability practices by organizations such as the World Travel Awards and the Green Key Eco-Rating Program.

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