Dónde aterrizar en El Salvador

Where to Land in El Salvador

When planning a trip to El Salvador, one of the most crucial decisions you’ll need to make is choosing the right airport for your arrival. With several airports to choose from, factors such as convenience, proximity to your final destination, and airline options should all be taken into consideration. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the different airports in El Salvador to help you make an informed decision based on your travel plans.

Comalapa International Airport (SAL)

Comalapa International Airport, also known as El Salvador International Airport, stands as the primary international airport in El Salvador. Situated just outside the capital city of San Salvador, this bustling airport is the most well-connected in the country, serving as a hub for both domestic and international flights. Travelers can enjoy various amenities at Comalapa International Airport, including restaurants, shops, and car rental services.


  • Close Proximity to San Salvador: Being near the capital city makes it convenient for travelers heading to San Salvador and other major cities.
  • Well-Connected to Major Cities: Offers flights to major cities in the United States and Latin America, making it a popular choice.
  • Modern Facilities and Amenities: Provides a wide range of facilities to ensure a comfortable travel experience.


  • Busy and Crowded: During peak travel times, the airport can get crowded and hectic.
  • Limited Domestic Flight Options: While it offers international connectivity, domestic flight options are relatively limited.

If your travel itinerary includes San Salvador or other major cities in El Salvador, opting for Comalapa International Airport is a practical choice for a smooth landing experience.

Ilopango International Airport (ILS)

Nestled in the city of Ilopango, east of San Salvador, Ilopango International Airport serves as a smaller alternative to Comalapa International Airport. Although not as busy, it serves as a hub for domestic flights within El Salvador and is especially favored by private pilots and aviation enthusiasts due to its proximity to the city and picturesque views of the surrounding area.


  • Convenient Location for Eastern El Salvador: Ideal for travelers exploring the eastern region of El Salvador.
  • Preferred by Private Pilots: Offers a suitable landing spot for private pilots and aviation enthusiasts.
  • Less Crowded Atmosphere: Provides a quieter and more relaxed environment compared to larger airports.


  • Limited International Flight Options: Offers fewer international flight routes compared to larger airports.
  • Fewer Amenities: While it may lack some amenities, it compensates with a more serene setting.

For those looking to explore eastern El Salvador or private pilots seeking a convenient landing spot, Ilopango International Airport presents as an excellent choice.

Other Airports in El Salvador

Apart from Comalapa International Airport and Ilopango International Airport, El Salvador boasts several smaller airports and airstrips catering to various aviation needs. These airports cater to domestic flights, private charters, and cargo operations, offering alternative landing choices for travelers with specific requirements.

Some of the other airports in El Salvador include:
El Salvador International Airport (ESR): Located in San Salvador, this airport serves as a secondary hub for domestic flights.
Perquin Airstrip (PEQ): Situated in Perquin, this airstrip is favored by tourists visiting the nearby El Mozote massacre site.
San Miguel Airport (SIG): Based in San Miguel, this airport provides domestic flights to and from the eastern region of El Salvador.

When determining where to land in El Salvador, it’s essential to consider your travel plans, budget, and specific needs to select the most suitable airport for your journey.


Choosing the ideal landing spot in El Salvador is a crucial decision that can greatly impact the success of your trip. Whether you opt for the connectivity and convenience of Comalapa International Airport or the tranquility of a smaller airport like Ilopango International Airport, El Salvador offers diverse landing options to cater to every traveler’s needs. By evaluating factors such as location, amenities, and flight options, you can make an informed decision and ensure a seamless arrival in this vibrant Central American country.


1. What is the main international airport in El Salvador?

  • The main international airport in El Salvador is Comalapa International Airport (SAL).

2. What are the pros of landing at Comalapa International Airport?

  • The pros of landing at Comalapa International Airport include close proximity to San Salvador, well-connected to major cities in the United States and Latin America, and modern facilities and amenities.

3. Where is Ilopango International Airport located?

  • Ilopango International Airport is located in the city of Ilopango, just east of San Salvador.

4. Who is Ilopango International Airport popular among?

  • Ilopango International Airport is popular among private pilots and aviation enthusiasts due to its convenient location and scenic views.

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